CCLegion is an ls aimed to do new content on release. We start stuff around7 pm est (M/W/F/Sa/S)

Currently looking for:

aegis/ochain pld
Must have other job geared to be accepted

500 enhancing, capped cure potency, decent cure casting time/6+ idle refresh mp

Rng (99 yoichi/anni only)
must have pre shot/end shot gear.

Must have capped skill, twilight cape, PDT/MDT etc.

Every applicant must be able to:

follow direction and change gear set if asked.
rotate party or invite people quickly to alliance.
make gear sets in ffxiah as part of the application (don't be shy about placing several sets, if you don't link it we assume you don't have it)
If you do not make gear sets that can be be reviewed your application will not be considered

You will be contacted in game or by PM when your application is under review and with your application status.
Thank you!
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.